Welcome to Prestige Gun Dogs

We are pleased to now offer rest of Prestige Family access to the same training and management that our dogs receive!

Your Prestige puppy's stellar genetics along with The Prestige Way: Head Start Program has given you a leg up when it comes to training. When building a Champion this phrase "Champions don't become champions in the ring - they are merely recognized there; if you want to see where they developed into a champion, look at their daily routine." ~ John Maxwell. Whether it be a show dog, field trial dog, hunt test dog, hunting companion or an exemplary family companion -- they also require great training and a fantastic team of talented, knowledgeable people managing the process for them to reach their full potential. Let us go to work for you and help you achieve the ideal companion and/or competitor for the adventure of a lifetime!

Our dog development program, The Prestige Way, is carefully crafted so that each dog receives the individualized attention necessary to develop to its full potential. All of our puppies begin with The Prestige Way: Head Start Program, a comprehensive puppy raising program which prepares each puppy for the transition into its new life in your home. We are here for you during this time of transition as well as throughout your dog's life. We realize that getting a young puppy might not fit with your lifestyle or previous commitments. We do offer The Prestige Way: Pre-School Program for those cases. From Pre-School to Graduate School, we are committed to the success of each of our dogs even after they leave our home. As a special member of the Prestige Family, you and your dog will have ongoing and exclusive access to our knowledge, our expertise, and the entire comprehensive, step by step program we have developed specifically for the success of our dogs, The Prestige Way.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you about a great AKC program called the Canine Good Citizen program. We feel very strongly about this program, as it recognizes dogs that have outstanding manners both at home and out in the community. You might have noticed the majority of the Prestige dogs have a "CGC" title behind their names and in fact it is most often the first title most of our dogs will receive around the time they complete Elementary School around 4 - 6 months old.

Please see below for what options we have available: Training and Management Plans.

Please contact us here for additional information and pricing if you would like to train and manage your puppy or dog The Prestige Way!