Brittany and Golden Retriever Puppies
Patrick Rountree | Haley Glick | Rock Mountian Roosters Hunt
Our Story

We both grew up avid equestrians and shared a passion for dressage horses. Growing up in small East Texas towns, once we discovered our shared interest in horses, we quickly became fast friends and began exploring our other common interests, one of which was dogs. As we discovered we had similar goals for both Golden Retrievers and Brittanys, we decided to create Prestige Gun Dogs to combine our talents to establish a program to breed and develop the highest quality, genetically sound dogs that exemplify the concept of a "dual dog."

After a long search, we acquired our Golden Retriever foundation bitches, Topbrass Prestige On The Fly, JH, CGC "Addy" & Topbrass Prestige High Adventure "Amelia" from Jackie Mertens of Topbrass Retrievers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the sage advice and guidance she has provided. We have high hopes for Addy and Amelia and are looking forward to seeing all they have to offer.

We have set high standards and performance goals, and we are dedicated to furthering both breeds and raising individuals that will be outstanding as a show dog, field trial dog, hunting companion, family pet, or, as we hope, that will excel at them all! If there is anything we can do for you or if you are interested in an upcoming litter, please let us know. We hope you enjoy perusing our website, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Haley’s Story

I bought my first Brittany in 2001 when I was a junior at the University of Arizona. I quickly became enamored with the breed and the fact that they are the "forever dual dog". The breed has over 600 dual champions (both conformation and field champion dogs) which is a credit to the owners, breeders, and of course these amazing dogs!

My goal has remained constant; to breed genetically sound Brittanys that are a dominate force in the conformation ring, excel in the field, and are wonderful companions. Since 2001, I have been blessed to own and co-own some truly special dogs and have made some amazing lifelong friendships.

I owe a tremendous amount to Bev Millette for taking a chance on me when she sold me my foundation bitch, CH Millette's American Dream, CGC "Ellie." My latest litter makes four generations of my Brittanys that trace back to Ellie. My story would be incomplete without mentioning my long affiliation with Robin Tomasi of Copley Brittanys. Robin was an instrumental part of my growth and education in the breed and we co-owned and bred many dogs together in the past.

Patrick’s Story

Growing up, my family owned both bird dogs and retrievers. I have long had an interest in training and competing with sporting dogs in the field. In 2008 while a graduate student at the University of Houston, I got my first Golden Retriever, Prestige Sir Bentley Gilt, SH, CGC "Bentley." He was a high energy, inquisitive, eager to please dog that clearly was looking for a "job." Although my original intention was not to compete with him, Bentley showed great performance potential from an early age. When he was four, I decided to send him to a professional trainer for the first time to see what he could do. It was quickly evident that he possessed more potential than I ever imagined. Bentley has shown success in hunt tests, and I am excited to watch him continue to develop and to see how far he can go.