GCH CH Copley's Watch Time Fly "Emma":

Brittany | GCH CH Copley's Watch Time Fly Dual Pointed
DOB: 6/21/2009
AKC #: SR568731/06
DNA#: V736252
HIPS: BS-15627G28F-VPI
CHIC #: 94836

DC Timberline Strait To The Point JH
CH Blayre's One Moment In Time, CGC

Bred By: Haley Glick & Robin Tomasi
Owned By: Haley Glick & Patrick Rountree


GCH CH Copley's Watch Time Fly, CGC "Emma": is by DC/AFC Timberline Strait to the Point, JH "Sawyer" and Haley's homebred Champion show dog, CH Blayre's One Moment In Time, CGC "Weatherby". Emma continually amazes us with her humor and intelligence. She excelled in the show ring, easily finishing her Championship with 4 major wins and Grand Championship in short order. Being true to her "dual roots," she also found success in the field during her puppy and derby career with multiple placements and is dual pointed. She has amazing movement and flawlessly flies around the ring/back yard/open field, making her a pleasure to watch! Emma is a wonderful house dog - whatever the activity is, she is quick to participate --making her an ideal "Dual Dog" for every occasion!

In June of 2012, Emma was bred to GCH DC Masked Jack of Diamonds and her first litter was born on August 10, 2012. She produced 8 puppies (4 boys and 4 girls) -- her most notable offspring CH Copley Prestige Watch Me Fly, CGC "Jack" & CH Copley Prestige Time To Fly, CGC "Jill" have excelled both in the field and show ring. We decided to breed Emma again this spring to CH Dualan Marsport Supercharger, and on May 16, 2014, she had a single orange and white female, Prestige A Solo Performance "Emmy". Although we were hoping for a few more offspring than we got, Emmy is a complete love bug and has a magnetic personality.

After much consideration, we have decided to retire Emma from the whelping box and she is now the much loved pet of the Braunschweig Family.

Pedigree as a PDF

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Brittan | Emma | Head ShotHappy BrittanyShow BrittanyBrittany in the winnwer circle